Monday, December 14, 2009

This is to my Santa

Dear Santa, (or Honey)
So usually for Christmas, I don't usually say what I want. But this year has been full of IV's & too many hospital visits, so I decided I wanted some stuff to pamper myself with.

First, I would like some of this (because you know I LOVE IT!!!) I don't use it on my heels I use it on my hands face before bed. It has that Eucalyptus smell that I need.

Second, I would like a exercise ball. I have the thumbs up from the docs to do low impact aerobics. And...well...a girl has got to start somewhere. I already have the perfect spot to exercise.

To go along with that I would also like some free weights 3 & 5lbs sets, if you can swing it.

Also, I found a PINK YOGA MAT!! It's on

I know isn't it cute?! You know I love Pink, so how relaxing that would be to have a Pink Yoga Mat?!

One more thing. My daughter has taken over my Hair dryer and she doesn't like Pink, because I like Pink. So I found a really cute Pink Hair Dryer. I honestly have not had a new hair dryer in 13 years. So, I figure it's time.

...And last but not even close to least. Below I have a list of music to get my "mojo" up & moving. so here is 20 songs that I would like to have on my MP3 player.

I am going to be pretty beat and need some rest after all this so here is a pink sleeping mask that I love.

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